Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chats with Jack ⎮ February-March, 2015

One of Jack's favorite games is riding his tricycle around to deliver mail to us. He says, "Special delivery! Here are your letters." And then hands us magnets in the shape of alphabet letters. Pretty sure he doesn't get that he is making a pun, but we think it is funny.

Me: Eat fast, we have to get ready for church.
Jack: But that will make my tummy hurt.

Take my picture, Mommy!

What do you want [to order]? I'm the order guy [server].

Do tents have bathrooms?

Please may I have this sword? I'm going to cut you!

I love sharing chips!

Can we watch the monster [truck] video?
I can drive monster trucks myself.
When I grow up a little, I can be a monster truck driver guy.

Why did you call me honey? I'm Jack!

Hand me the remote please! I'm the remote control guy.

I love you much more.

Is always sure to tell me when he is doing something "pretend."

Had an interesting discussion about boy and girl body parts. #imnotready

Drop the "angry" down. [anchor when pretending to be a pirate]

Let's change the babberies. [batteries]

J: We're having two babies.
Me: No honey, we're only having one.
J: But we're having two - one is a doll baby and one is a real baby. One is a girl and one is a boy.
Me: That is true. You can't argue with this type of logic!

The red octagon means stop and look both ways for cars, and then it is safe to cross.

I can help, because I am really strong. [shows me his arm muscles]
Look Mommy, the spoon sticks to the train!

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