Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jack and Daniel's First Project Car

On Saturday night we headed over to Daniel's dad's house for supper. When we got there, Jack's Grandpa and Grandma had a surprise for him – a new-to-him Powerwheels car that the other grandkids had outgrown. Unfortunately the battery was dead.

This did not deter Jack from insisting that it could get charged, and when that didn't work, that his daddy could fix the "babbery."


So after dinner, we took the Powerwheels home. We had recently put the second carseat base in the Subaru, so the Powerwheels had to go in the roof basket – it was just the right size.

Sunday morning Jack woke up and had not forgotten about the car. He insisted they fix it as soon as we were all up.

To start, Jack and Daniel used a voltage meter to assess whether the battery was really dead before removing it from the vehicle. Daniel also spent time dreaming up ways he could make the car more powerful and faster. I believe he even mentioned the idea of adding better tires and even a winch to it.

Jack would be happy just to have a car that goes. Maybe in a year or two he will be more interested in improving the car.

Once the car was working again, Jack (and probably Daniel) were excited to find out that the car had two gears – fast and slow – as well as reverse. 

Jack has enjoyed driving it up and down our steep driveway and to the park across the street. The car has seats for two, so this is something that baby 2 will be able to enjoy as well.

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