Sunday, November 01, 2015

Isaac's Introduction to Food

At the 6 month mark, we decided it was time to introduce Isaac to solids. Like his big brother, we are following a baby led weaning approach, though we are flexible with how it goes.

This phase of food is really just introductory and exploratory. We want him to get a general idea of eating. As of now, he mostly pushes the food around on his tray.

Like Jack, his first food was avocado. I think Jack was the one who was the most excited about this new phase of babyhood. He wanted so badly for Isaac to eat what was on his tray. It was a really sweet moment.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have offered soft cooked carrots, baby oatmeal, the crust from a sandwich, and really soft cornbread

He must be a carb lover because he loved the oatmeal and cornbread. We had trouble getting the spoon loaded fast enough for him to shovel the oatmeal into his mouth.

We didn't start Jack on food until 7 months and at 6 months Isaac doesn't seem to have the same degree of coordination that Jack did. It will be interesting to watch as his fine motor skills progress. 

Milk from mama will continue to be his main source of nutrition as we move forward with food in the coming weeks and months. I'm sure he will be a lover of food in no time.

I do want to note that his Aunt Angela let him have a lemon last month when we were in Florida (5 months old). It is always funny to watch baby's have their first exposure to lemons – thanks Angela!

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