Friday, November 20, 2015

Isaac is Seven Months Old

When Jack was a baby, every new milestone was thrilling and we were in a hurry to encourage him through each new stage. With Isaac I have a strong desire to go slow. It's partially a form of laziness (I know what is coming and the work involved), but mostly I want to savor these baby moments. I have been pretty lax in tummy time for our littlest boy and while we have begun to explore food, I just haven't been in a big rush to head down that road (after all it creates more work for me!).

Isaac is still not sleeping consistently through the night. We did have 3 nights in a row with 7-hour stretches, but teething and back-to-back colds have created setbacks. I know he will figure it out one of these days, but in the meantime, this mama is getting weary of waking up every 2-4 hours during the night.

While I haven't gotten on a consistent solid food schedule, we have introduced Isaac to quite a few foods this month. He still has a bit of a tongue thrust, so that can make food a challenge. We have tried avocado, oatmeal, mashed carrots, banana, pureed butternut squash with onions, mashed green beans, greek yogurt, pancakes, and pineapple juice (a tablespoon in a bottle really helped him get over some congestion). He loves to grab the spoon and is willing to taste everything. He made the funniest face over the butternut squash – he was not a fan, but allowed me to continue feed it to him.

Isaac is rolling over a bit these days, but really doesn't care about the tummy time process (my fault, see above). The thing he excels at is sitting. He is so big he has a good solid base to sit on. The first time I discovered he could do this, I had him reclined on a cushion on the couch and I walked away. I came back and he was sitting up completely unsupported, happy as could be!

This little guy has discovered a fascination with remote controls, cords and our cell phones. We have to keep them out of reach at all times! He also continues to love bouncing in his bouncer and anything that involves interacting with his big brother.

This month marked Isaac's first Halloween experience. We dressed him as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (so many rolls!) and as a fireman. As with most things, he was pretty chill about the costumes.

He is also starting to make little friends at the Y and at church. It is so sweet to see him lay on a blanket and jibber jabber with another baby. We recently had a group photo of the babies at our church and he was hugging on one of the little girl babies. It was so sweet.

He is definitely a little flirt. He grins and smiles big for pretty much everyone. That little tongue of his is always out. Jack did that too. Isaac loves to buzz his little tongue between his lips and will mimic us when we do it to him.

We have discovered that Isaac is ticklish and loves to laugh. He especially loves to laugh at his big brother and pretty much thinks anything Jack does is hysterical. If you laugh (or do any kind of partial laugh), Isaac immediately bursts into hilarious giggles. I think he is going to have a wonderful sense of humor.

When Isaac gets excited, he buries his head in my chest, but quickly looks around to find whatever it was that amused him. I love seeing his littler personality emerge.

He hasn't got any more teeth in, but he has discovered that he likes to bite my shoulder. Thankfully that is the only place he bites me. I just hope he doesn't turn into a biter. We didn't have to deal with that with Jack and I might need tips on how to deal with it if it becomes a problem! Right now Isaac is fighting off a cold and a mild ear infection. Hopefully that will be the extent of his sickness for the year!

*As with Jack, I will be posting monthly updates of Isaac on a quilt (inherited from my Grandma), next to a yellow Tonka truck (a toy from Daniel's childhood). 
Isaac at One Month  |  Isaac at Two Months  |  Isaac at Three Months  |  Isaac at Four Months  |  Isaac at Five Months  | Isaac at Six Months 

A Look Back:
Jack at One Month  |  Jack at Two Months  |  Jack at Three Months  |  Jack at Four Months  |  Jack at Five Months  |  Jack at Six Months  |  Jack at Seven Months
(We used a quilt from Daniel's family for the Jack photos, along wit the Tonka truck from Daniel's childhood).

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