Monday, November 16, 2015

TopConTn 2015

This past Saturday I took off my mommy hat for the day and spent the entire day wearing my designer hat. Since entering the freelance world and become a full-time mommy, I really don't get many opportunities to immerse myself in the design world. I spent my day with a fellow designer at the TopCon design conference here in Chattanooga at Track29.

The day was a little tricky for me in that I am still nursing Isaac, but Daniel and I were able to coordinate so that he met me right before lunch and then again right before the last speaker of the day. Getting to hear speakers in my field was inspiring for me, and Daniel (along with the help of his sister, Amy) had a fun day with the boys. Isaac did melt down at the end of the day, but the witching hour is always hard no matter who is with the boys.

James T. Edmondson sharing his process for creating fonts.

From a strictly design point of view, my favorite speakers were James T. Edmondson of OhNo Type Company and Bethany Heck from Microsoft. Overall fine artist, Wayne White, did a fantastic job of wrapping up the conference encouraging the attendees to find the things they love and pursue them – even if it is crazy puppets.

Bethany Heck questions the rules regarding typefaces.

Illustrator, Logan Faerber, shared some of his failures and mistakes on his journey as an illustrator, and art director, Adé Hogue, shared his 6 crushing doubts. Doubts and mistakes are things all of us can identify with at some point in our careers.

Wayne White shares his crazy adventures in fine art including his work on Pee Wee Herman.

James Edmondson shared his process for developing typefaces and Bethany Heck went into depth about not being afraid to break the so-called rules of only using 3 typefaces in one work. I think the more experience you have under your belt (and more understanding of the design process) it becomes easier to break these rules. Fresh out of college, it is easier to make mistakes just by not having a good grasp of why you should or shouldn't combine certain elements.

 Logan Faerber shared some of his failures and mistakes, working with Marvel.

Adé Hogue shared his 6 crushing doubts and ways to stay creative.

It was fun getting to screen-print our own t-shirts. Print-making was among my favorite classes in college and I have always thought it would be fun to pursue again at some point. Fresh out of college, I actually purchased the equipment, but I didn't have a good space and I never really got it going. Maybe as my boys get older I will be able to create a studio space at my house. Who knows?

I am feeling very inspired and looking forward to implementing some of what I learned on Saturday into some of my upcoming projects. I have to say that I feel very blessed to have the clients that I have and that I am able to combine a lifestyle of being a stay-at-home mother who can also continue to freelance and keep my creativity flowing. 

Motherhood has maybe been a slight step back for me professionally, but it hasn't meant losing myself, or my profession. I am so grateful to be able to do both.

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