Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chats with Jack ⎮ October-December, 2015


Yesterday was an update about Isaac, today is a long overdue post on the things Jack says to us. His words are bolded.


I built a booby trap to catch bad guys. [he made a fort out of boxes that intentionally collapsed if you crawled under it]

I've got some al-a-gee [algae].

I tried to convince Jack that brushing my hair while I closed my eyes was a good game to play. He told me that wasn't a real game.

Do you want to see something really cool? [as he cuts pancakes with a plastic fork and knife] The fork keeps it stable.

Why's it [the TV] not internet-ing?

Rachel [college friend]: Can I have some of your energy?
Jack: No you have to eat your food and sleep to get your own energy. 

Superman Prayer
Thank you God food. 
Thank you God for giving us friends. 
For the food we eat, for the friends we meet.
Thank you God for everything.
Aw-man.  [refuses to say "Amen" always says "aw-man"]

Jack: You're ice, I'm lightning and daddy is fire. [Ninjago reference]
Me: Which ninja is Isaac?
Jack: He's the green ninja. 
[fitting since the other ninjas are responsible for protecting the green ninja]

Jack: Look, that new signs says "Walmart".
Us: How did you know that?
Jack: I read the sign... [evidently he already understands logos/branding]

I'm playing in my fortress [tent fort].

My food is powering me up. I have a generator on the inside.

Jack: Can I take a bath? [bedtime on his birthday party day]
Me: No.
Jack: I want everyone to go home now. So I can take a bath. 

I wanted this my whole life... what's inside inside?

Jack: I have a secret lab somewhere. 
Me: Where is it?
J: I don't remember, but I know what it looks like. 

I'm designing something cool. It's a surprise... It's a model. Here's what he looks like. 

I'm an expert at making stuff. 

When are kids going to teach the class? I know lots of stuff. 

A very upset Jack: I think I waited too long in the bathroom and now it's dark time. [dang daylight savings!]

Jack: Mommy, I smell something yummy!
Me: It's onions.
Jack: What?!???
Me: They're cooking in butter.
Jack: Oh, I love butter... [he hates onions]

I can do buttons, I'm very capable. 

Jack: What is patience?
Daniel: It's the stuff I'm out of...

You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit [he likes to share bits of wisdom that he learns at preschool]. 

I want to be a teacher... a preschool teacher, a church teacher, and a Y teacher. All of those.

I'm an expert at making something out of recycling. 

Jack: Let me see the constructions [instructions for Legos]. 
[brief pause] 
Daniel: Jack you have it right, do you want me to push it together for you? 
Jack: Let me focus for just a minute.

I'm out of focusing patience.

New-sagna [lasagna]

I'm going to the next location [vacation].

Late one night, Isaac is upstairs fussing and Jack is downstairs eating a snack. "He could be sad because I'm not up there." 

They stayed for four days, and that's enough days (Jack's comment went family went home after Thanksgiving). 

I'm coming out of my artist's room. 

Jack: Mommy, do you [and daddy] sometimes fight?
Me: Yes
Daniel: Do you sometimes fight?
Jack: Only with swords.

Daniel: I'm going hiking today. 
Jack: Make sure you take a gun so you can kill an animal. [this was after hearing my dad talk about hunting]
Nana: Be very careful, Jack. 
Jack: I'm always very careful, Nana!

Rudolf the red snowman.  

Don't get near my bucket, I'm doing some fabulous work. 

Mommy, do you want to be a princess? I'm a knife [knight] and I fight dragons. 

Daddy, you do rude things to mommy...You talk back to her. [poor Daniel getting the third degree from our 4yo about nothing]

When I don't get enough sleep, sometimes I make bad choices. I just get exhausted. 

I'm not enjoying being a little boy because little boys get consequences.

I still love you, even when you give me consequences. 
I'll have to think about that. [finger on chin while deciding what to tell Santa he wanted for Christmas]

Jack: Mommy, was God born?
Me: No, he's always existed. 
Jack: Mommy, is Jesus God?
Me: Yes. 
Jack: Mommy, was Jesus born?
Me: Yes. 
Jack: Is Jesus God's son?
Me: Yes. 
Jack: Then Jesus isn't God...
Me: It's complicated [chuckling].
Jack: Why are you laughing?
Me: Because you have very good reasoning skills for a four year old. 

That concludes are most recent chats with Jack. I hope to post a little more frequently because he says the funniest things and we like having this little record.

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