Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan


It's a Monday morning and I am sitting by the twinkle lights of our live Christmas tree, listening to the wind howl and the rain pitter patter on the windows while I make my meal plan for the week. Playing catch up on my blog (still), but here are some of the meals I cooked recently:
Sicilian Chicken Soup
[recipe from A Dash of Sanity]
This lovely meal is perfect for a cool fall or winter day. The spices are lovely, and a rotisserie chicken from the store works in a pinch if you are short on time. We love to top this dish off with our favorite croutons. If your child does not eat soups yet, this meal is hearty enough to serve vegetables and chicken without the broth. Thankfully Jack is finally starting to eat the entire soup!

Apple Muffins
[recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything]
A couple of weeks ago Jack was sick, suffering from HFMD. There were very few things he wanted to eat. He took comfort in wearing his IronMan costume and he specifically requested Apple Muffins to make him feel better. He was basically eating ice cream around the clock, so I was willing to make him any kind of real food. Thankfully I had apples in my fruit bowl! These muffins were quick to make. I left off the topping and they still tasted great. I had one very happy (and full) Ironman.

One-Pot Skillet Lasagna
[recipe from Menu Musings]
Traditional lasagna is a pain to make. That is why I have really embraced the idea of skillet lasagna. This dish is really hearty, with meat and extra vegetables snuck in. It definitely feeds a crowd and makes great leftovers.
Rosemary Orange Chicken with green beans and rice
[recipe from Damn Delicious]
This dish was so good. The blog Damn Delicious is quickly becoming my go-to for meal planning. The recipes never disappoint and they are always packed with serious flavor. If you haven't discovered this food blog, you need to! I do want to note that Daniel is not a fan of dark meat and has requested I make sure to include the white meat as well. I really liked the flavors of the dark meat – to each his own! 
Chili Cheese Biscuit Bake
[recipe from A Dash of Sanity]
This was a decent meal, but I don't think the biscuits fully cooked. Also, Daniel did not like the use of Italian sausage and Jack didn't really care for it. You win some, you lose some.
Broccoli, Cheese and Potato Soup
[recipe from Skinny Taste]

This was a crowd pleaser. Daniel does not like broccoli, but enough cheese will cure that! For the potatoes, I used leftover mashed potatoes. Since it was pureed, this was a great meal to serve to Isaac as well. Though, truth be told, every time we fed it to him he wound up covered in broccoli!

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