Wednesday, December 16, 2015

13th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks our 13th anniversary. Remember yesterday how I said that Wednesday is a tough day to do any celebrating? Well that statement applies to anniversaries too.

Thankfully we will not be waiting over a month to celebrate this milestone. We have a little excursion planned to the mountains for some much needed R&R. Well, as much rest and relaxation as you can get with two kiddos and a dog in tow...

Thirteen years. 4,745 days. 113,880 hours.

In that period of time, we have had 9 jobs between us; moved 7 times; purchased 6 (new to us) cars; owned 3 different houses in 3 different states; had 2 precious little boys; and adopted one ornery dog.

It feels like just last year, we were newly married and would take long walks after dinner and talk about the future. Weird how that future is now. Some of our dreams have hit their mark, others have fallen short, but we are still in it together.

For our very first anniversary we spent New Year's Eve weekend backpacking in the Smoky Mountains (we actually both forgot our anniversary that year!). The memories from that trip include staying in a shelter on the Appalachian Trail with a group of Eagle Scouts, not exactly romantic, but it suited us fine. This year we will be back in the Smokies, kids in tow. We won't be staying in a rustic shelter and we will have our kids with us, but we will be in a place we love. And we will be there together. What more could you ask for?

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