Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm Not a Runner

Sprint down.
Touch the line.
Sprint back.
Push harder
Repeat again.
Lungs burn from the effort.
Try not to collapse in a heap.

TRX Rows with a jump.
More sprints.
TRX Push-ups.
More sprints.
TRX Pull-ups.
More sprints.
TRX Tri-ceps.
More sprints.
TRX Bi-ceps.
More sprints.

A total of 30 sprints with everything I have, down and back.
300 sit-ups to finish.

So tired.
But in a good way.

That was the nature of today's 60-minute workout.
With each sprint, I raced Todd, our instructor.
Pushing to the limit of what I thought I could do.
And then giving a little more.
It took me back to my high school days.

Todd asked if I was a runner.
No. Just a mom who has lost her baby weight and feels extra light these days.
After class, Todd told me that I was easily one of the top 5 fastest people he has had in his TRX classes.
Those words will be motivation for days when I feel slow or want to stop.

It feels good to push.
It feels good to feel light – I lug around a 25+lb baby all day every day, so that hour by myself is like running on air.
I'm not a runner, but today I feel like I could conquer anything.

New Shoe Review:
I recently purchased new shoes. I was long overdue. Shin splits and back pain after working out had become my norm.

I have really wide, short feet so I always put off shoe purchases because it is such a hassle. I typically choose the grey New Balance W990v3 but this time I decided to try the Brooks Addiction 12.

When your feet are super wide, it's hard to find shoes that have any kind of personality. I have been impressed with the Brooks Addiction 12. I really do feel like I am running on air. And while part of that is because of my weight loss, part of it can be attributed to having a new shoe to support me. Plus it's nice to have a shoe that isn't plain Jane.

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