Saturday, October 01, 2016

Five Pulley System

A typical day for our family ends with me putting Isaac to bed and Daniel doing something with Jack. They may go to the park, ride bikes, or work in the garage together. Currently Jack is really interested in pulleys and how they work. This past week Jack wanted to put together a system of five pulleys so he could lift himself off the ground.

With Daniel's help, they arranged the pulley system, created a harness out of a tow strap, and gave it a try.

Jack learned that as they added pulleys to the system, it was easier to lift things. In the past he has used pulleys to lift objects, but this was the first time he lifted himself.

With Daniel's help and encouragement, they came to the conclusion that five pulleys are enough to lighten the load of Jack's 40-pound frame allowing him to pull himself up. Though I think he liked Daniel pulling him up the best.

Best quotes from the experience:
"Two plus two, plus one, is five." (0:25)

"I'm as strong as myself." (2:21)

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