Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

October was a busy month for the Moore family and the last weekend of the month about did us in. I'm still getting my bearings!

Jack dressed up as Spider-Man for his preschool party. He was pumped because his best friend from preschool was also Spider-Man.

Saturday night we went to a neighborhood party. The kids were supposed to wear costumes, but it was just too hot. Jack settled for his fireman jacket and helmet, paired with shorts and boots. Isaac wore Jack's Ninja Turtle helmet and TMNT t-shirt.

Sunday we had Friends and Family Day at our church. No costumes for this event, but we did enjoy sweating on the annual hayride (more on Friends and Family Day in a separate post).

Halloween fell on a Monday this year. The whole month of October had record highs for this area of the country. We had a scheduled dentist appointment that afternoon and we all had on shorts and sandals!

That evening, we met up with friends for what has become our annual trick-or-treating experience. This is our third year to do this, and we continue to love this tradition. Our first time trick-or-treating, it snowed. Last year it rained. This year we sweated. I guess you never know what you are going to get in the south!

Jack was Spider-Man and Isaac was a version of a Ninja Turtle (we had a cow costume for him, but it was too hot). Our friend's kids were the Dr. Pepper guy, and the Signal Mountain Cheerleaders.

We walked a little over two miles (the kids did more than that running back and forth between houses). This was the first year we didn't walk up to the doors with Jack – how is he already big enough to do this without us holding his hand?!?!?

Isaac walked up to the first two houses with Daniel's help, and then spent the rest of the night in the stroller. We thought he would fall asleep, but that was not the case!

About halfway through our evening, Jack told me his feet hurt. I asked if he wanted to ride in the stroller and go home. To which he emphatically told me "No!" So we continued, with him walking the entire way.

We finished our night at the witch's house. This is the scariest house in our friend's neighborhood. The little girls refused to get close. Jack marched right up with the big kids, and told the witch he was not scared of her as we walked away. Last year he actually negotiated with this witch about which piece of candy he wanted. He cracks us up!

This year Isaac stayed awake until we got in the car, and then he passed out. He slept all the way home and stayed asleep when I carried him inside and changed him into pajamas!

I'm sure that next year Isaac will be marching up to all of the houses too.

*Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end to get Jack's reaction to the witch.

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