Monday, October 24, 2016

Making History: First new nuclear generating plant in the twenty-first century

For three long years, Daniel devoted most of his time to working as part of the Watts Bar Unit 2 Start Up team. This group of people worked long hours, for years on end, to help bring Unit 2 online. 

Tonight we celebrated that all of the testing is complete, and that Unit 2 is now operating commercially. 

Everyone in the room (spouses included) have sacrificed so much to get to this point. They are a special group, the first in the USA to do this in twenty years. It was good to hear their stories, and also to talk with the spouses about the difficulties we all faced in having a spouse work such long hours for years on end

Only the people who have lived through a nuclear unit start up (or been married to someone who has) can truly understand what it is like. I'm proud of Daniel and all of his co-workers. 

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm thankful he has moved on to a Dam job, but I'm proud of him for being a part of this project until the end.

"In grateful appreciation for your dedication, support, and personal commitment to the Watts Bar Unit 2 Completion Project. Daniel Moore, You're effort, interest, experience, and personal dedication to the Watts Bar Nuclear Unit 2 project was an integral part of the success of completing the milestone of being the first new nuclear plan in the twenty-first century."

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