Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SuperFly Jump Park

Our church recently rented out the SuperFly jump park in east Chattanooga for a preschool family gathering, and we had a fantastic time (even the grown ups!).

There were trampolines to jump on, foam pits to jump into, an American Ninja Warrior course to attempt, and so much more.

I made it across two of the Ninja obstacles without falling in, and across the slack line (with the aid of a rope for balance). Daniel climbed across a climbing wall, in addition other obstacles.

Isaac was determined to go up the stairs to the trapeze swing – I spent part of my night steering him away. Jack had an amazing time doing as much as he could do.

I think the favorite activity was to run up the nearly vertical trampolines and then slide back down. I was able to hold Isaac in my left arm as I ran up the slide, and then held him in my lap to slide back down with him. So much fun.

Jack was so sad to leave (crying in the parking lot), and he wasn't the only one. We will have to go back one of these days.

Up until now I have put off taking Jack to a jump park because of the size of the park, and concern about injury, but now that we have done it, I think we could manage going back with a small group.

This event was perfect for all ages and gave us the opportunity to connect with some friends from church that we don't see as much any more.

Jack thought it was an awesome small group outing, we said it was actually a big group outing :) It's nice to connect with a bigger group.

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