Monday, June 05, 2017

Dirt Bikes in Prentice Cooper

I'm pretty sure Daniel's favorite hobby is riding his dirt bike in the public forest close to our house.

Last year Daniel purchased a new dual sport bike and he tries to make an effort to ride whenever he can find the time.

He chose to sell his original motorcycle after we found out we were expecting Jack, but always held on the hope that he would one day get a bike again. This time around he prefers riding in the woods to riding fast on pavement.

Even though I have a motorcycle license, I haven't ridden in almost a decade, so thankfully he has several good friends that he enjoys riding with.

This is a little peak at one of his recent excursions – it looks like they covered some fairly technical terrain including a creek crossing.

He came home tired and muddy. Which means it was a good day in the woods.

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