Sunday, June 04, 2017

Mountain Biking with Kids: Edwards Point

Yesterday Daniel and Jack did a little father-son excursion with another father and son we have become friends with. I am incredibly proud of Jack for tackling his first serious mountain biking ride to Edwards Point. Daniel thinks they covered about 9 miles. Jack said he fell off his bike twice, and he came home pretty muddy. The following comments are Jack's regarding his experience.

"This is where I got stuck in the mud." – Jack, age 5.5

This is when I fell in the mud... I just collapsed into the water mud.

Mr. Tarbell helped me pull it [my bike] out. 

This ride was better than the Pump Track because we went a lot faster.

 The only time I got off my bike [on the way to the Point] was for some water breaks.

I didn't walk my bike down the steep hills, but I did walk it up.

 We walked to the Point after we parked our bikes. 

We went to all three Points. 
We were throwing stuff off the ledge: rocks, a pine cone, and sticks.

This is one of the cliffs. 
They were not scary but Daddy thought I was going to jump off, I think. 
It would be scary to jump off!

We were hopping over a log to go back.

Where we parked our bikes – on the kid tree.

Riding back to the car.
It was tiring walking up the hills with my bike.

Some of the time I rode on the side of the [banked] path. 
Do you know why? 
Because there were mud puddles [we had to go around].

We saw a teenager and he wasn't behaving very well.
He was riding a dirt bike and he almost hit daddy. 
And then they had an issue. 😆

I only got hurt one time.

That is the end.

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