Friday, June 23, 2017

Friend Friday: CDM

Another visit to the Creative Discovery Museum for us. This museum is truly a staple for us, especially on days it is rainy or when outside temperatures are too hot or too cold.

Sometimes we just go because the kids want to.

We always have lots of fun, and find interesting things to do.

The Eric Carle exhibit was still in place when we visited this time.

In the Make It! Lab, they had a table set up with old toys and screw drivers and you could take toys apart to see how they were made. Jack and his friend, Sam, could have stayed here all day! They were in little boy heaven for sure! See video above.

Have we mentioned that we love our friends and Friend Friday?

Knowing we have this group of people to get together makes us excited about what homeschool will look like in the fall.

Knowing that we had a group in place that we regularly meet with (who also happen to be homeschooling) certainly made it easier to make the decision to homeschool!

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