Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Stitches Fairy

In the month of June, Jack experienced a right of passage for most little boys... And we discovered how much stitches cost (even with good insurance).

So that was fun.

He was playing on the playground after supper, demonstrating doing dips on a low metal ladder (the kind that curves from the ground up to the play structure). After watching him do several sets of dips, Daniel and I looked away to continue our conversation, and then we heard a scream followed by lots of tears.

Jack's arms got tired, gave way and he fell between the ladder rungs, banging his chin as he fell to the ground. At first we thought we could patch him up at home, but after sending a couple of pictures to my sister who is a nurse, we decided we should take him to an after hours kid's clinic.

He was a trooper and barely cried after the initial impact of hitting his chin.

Daniel was my hero and took Jack to take care of the stitches – I am incredibly squeamish with blood and needles.

They got home after 11pm (the accident happened around 7pm). We originally hoped they would just glue it back together, but the doctors told Daniel stitches would be a better option because of the location of the cut. It took 4 stitches to close it up. Thankfully they had numbing cream to numb the area instead of administering a shot, and Daniel said that Jack didn't cry at all.

Two weeks after the ordeal, I took him to our pediatrician to get the stitches removed, and she told him about the "Stitches Fairy" – which is like the Tooth Fairy but for stitches.

After we left the pediatrician's office Jack insisted on knowing the truth: Was the Stitches Fairy really real? I told him no, but sometimes we do stuff like this because it helps kids to not be scared and to have a fun memory. So that's what we did – he put his four stitches under his pillow that night 😂

At least now he knows what to expect when he loses a tooth. 

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