Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Festivities 2017

Starting in the month of October our months get pretty busy. Besides trick-or-treating, our church has a Costume Parade at church and a Family Fun Day that we always enjoy attending.

For the Costume Parade, the kids dress up for church and get to parade through the hallways, showing off their costumes. At the end, we all meet up in the gym for cookies and fellowship.

The Family Day at our church always includes a hayride and ends with a movie (normally on the lawn). This year it was cold, so they moved the movie to the gym.

Last year they had a petting zoo, this year there were bouncy houses. It's always a fun time and we look forward to this experience every year.

Our small group also tries to visit a retirement home and reverse trick-or-treat every year around the time of Halloween.

This means our kids dress up in the costumes and load up their bags with candy, but instead of receiving candy, we visit everyone in the retirement home and pass out candy to them.

The people how live there always love it. They apologize for not having candy to give our kids, but we explain that we are there to give them candy and bring a little joy to their day.

The kids get to interact with different people and we spread a little sunshine.

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