Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

One final post about Halloween (October is a crazy month!). See my posts about pumpkin carving here and church activities here.

Isaac had a Halloween Party at preschool, so he got to wear his Batman costume to the celebration. Jack had Homeschool PE at the Y, with no party, so we stopped for Halloween donuts on the way to the Y.

After I dropped him off, I headed back to preschool to celebrate Halloween with Isaac's class. Halloween is the first party of the year and Isaac had so much fun celebrating with his classmates.

He was very proud of his Halloween cookie and showed me how they line up in the hallway. At the end of the party the kids played on the playground and Isaac showed off his bike skills by riding all of the riding toys at school.

Last year we hit our sweet spot with Trick-or-Treating: Jack was big enough to run up to all of the houses without us following close behind, and Isaac was stuck in a stroller...

This year, Isaac insisted on running up to EVERY house with the bigger kids. This meant Daniel and I had to take turns walking up with him.

Which is totally exhausting.

Isaac kind of kept up at first, but eventually we were carrying him to the doors. Then we were skipping houses and making him ride in the stroller.

As a two-year-old he was not impressed because he wants to be a part and do everything himself.

But we all survived and had another fun year of trick-or-treating with our close friends.

It's hard to believe this was our fourth year to trick-or-treat together!

We met up for dinner before and then our friends bigger kids ended up splitting off and going on their own. It wasn't a particularly cold year this year, but it also wasn't hot like last year.

Halloween with friends is one of my favorite holidays! I'm not sure how it will look as the kids get older, but it is fun right now. And next year, Isaac should be able to do most of the houses while the adults trail behind and chat in the street!

The best quote of the night was from Isaac: We walked up to a house with skull lights and he told them, "Don't bite me!" Very matter-of-factly. He also told someone in a life-size T-Rex costume, "Don't eat me!" and ran away.

A Look Back at Halloween's Past: 
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