Sunday, March 25, 2007

Trip to Nashville

We had a pretty good trip over to Nashville this weekend. It seems like we are on our second wave of weddings since we graduated from college. Last weekend Daniel went to Colorado to be in a wedding and this weekend, Nashville.

We were able to see Daniel's fam and then Saturday we were able to see several friends. I actually ran out to Mt Juliet for breakfast with a high school friend and her husband while Daniel headed into Murfreesboro to go on an 18 mile bike ride with a high school buddy.

We met up in Murfreesboro and had lunch with Daniel's dad and then headed to downtown Nashville for an early dinner with some friends we knew from our time in Cookeville. Why is it that so many visiting times revolve around eating?

After dinner, we walked around downtown where 1) I ended up getting blisters on my feet due to wearing dress shoes and 2) I am a moron because I walked over a grate in a dress and had a Marilyn Monroe experience where all of a sudden air was blowing up from underneath me and my dress kind of took flight. At least I was walking with Hillary BEHIND Daniel & Marshall and when I finally got control of my dress and looked around, no one seemed to have noticed besides Hillary! After grabbing a coffee and walking around and visiting some more, Daniel and I headed down to West End to the Cathedral of Incarnation for the 7:30 wedding.

Daniel really enjoyed getting to see several people he had known from high school. After leaving the wedding, we wandered around downtown and found where Daniel's company's Nashville branch is located and we drove my Cummins Station which is where the start up company I am working for is considering getting office space. It is kind of hard to imagine where we will be in 2-5 years. We have so many friends that are in Nashville now or planning on moving there in the near future. But on the other hand, we are enjoying Charlotte and we want to finish renovating our house and live in a FINISHED house for a little while...

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