Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project 52 Date Nights: Double Feature

Daniel and I haven't been to the movies very many times this year {possibly ZERO}. We are too cheap to go regularly and were lucky enough to live close to a dollar theater in Charlotte. Unfortunately, living in two different states and trying to sell your house did not make it conducive to going to the movies together in the last six months.

Now we live in the same place again but we don't have a dollar theater. 

Out of curiosity, I googled theaters in Chattanooga. I wanted to see what was playing and maybe, just maybe, I could convince Daniel that we could spend $20+ to go see a movie.

Lucky for me, I discovered the Wilderness Outdoor Theater, located in Trenton, GA, 11 miles from our campground. They claim to have the largest screen in the world {100x50 feet} and offer double features for five bucks! They have two screens AND you can bring your dog! The only bad thing is that the movies didn't start until 9:15 PM {you have to wait until it gets dark to view a movie outdoors}. This meant that we didn't get home until close to 2AM.

Largest movie screen in the world. 

We will definitely be going back to this theater. You can't beat $5 for two movies {or one movie, if you choose to leave early}. We saw The Other Guys and Salt. It was a nice treat for Sophie to get to come with us - when we paid for admission, they even gave us a doggy treat. 

This was our first drive-in movie experience {that we actually recall... we were both informed by our parents that we had been to drive-ins when we were little.} 

Thumbs up for discovering an outdoor movie theater within 15 minutes of downtown Chattanooga. We will definitely be going back.


  1. What a great deal! I haven't been to a drive in since I was a kid.

  2. We've got three drive-ins near us but there's never anything good playing when we have a babysitter. I'm glad ya'll had a great time!

  3. This theater seems to play fairly recent movies which makes me happy :)


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