Friday, August 20, 2010

Quotes of the Week

"I would rather drive an old crappy car for the rest of my life than HAVE to work on a PC." – Cheree commenting on whether she should use a PC or a MAC to do freelance work.

"Life is a balance between happiness and being cheap. Some people are not willing to spend money to have fun." – Daniel to his intern. The intern's response to Daniel "I think you are already there Daniel." Earlier that day, Daniel had told his co-workers that he wasn't willing to pay $1 to dry his clothes at the laundromat since he could air dry his clothes for free.

"I have a lot of weapons." – old man in campground relaying to us a story about when a repo man came to his house in Florida at 2AM to repossess a 5th wheel camper. The repo man was pretty dumb since the old man owned a motorhome {an RV that you drive} and NOT a 5th wheel camper that you pull behind a truck. Because the old man was hard of hearing he didn't understand that the trespasser was a repo man {even though the repo man was yelling at him}. So he held the repo man on the ground {at gun point} until the cops came. The old man also didn't realize, until after the cops got there, that he had made the repo man lie down on a fire ant hill the entire time and had threatened to shoot the repo man if he moved.

"You have a pretty dog." – we get this a lot about Sophie, often from kids that want to pet her. Too bad she strongly dislikes most strangers {especially most kids}.

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