Monday, August 09, 2010

You don't fully appreciate what you have, until it's gone.

This past weekend, we made a last-minute trip to middle Tennessee to put a final load of our stuff in storage at Daniel's dad's house. The Subaru was tightly packed... As in we had to cram our laundry in the cracks and crevices around all of the stuff. As in Sophie had to ride in my lap, in the front seat, for the entire two-ish hour drive.

Daniel dropped me and Sophie at his Grandmother's house {to do laundry} while he went to unload the car and run some errands. While he was out, several family members dropped by. Then we went over to Josh and Emily's for dinner. After dinner, we headed to Daniel's mom's place to spend the night.

The thing we realized that we missed so much was... the shower. Ok, we have missed our family and friends as well, but a good shower seems like such luxury at this point in our lives. It was quite shocking to shower in a bathroom that was a fourth of the size of our ENTIRE camper. To shower with hot water that did not run out. To shower with decent water pressure. That is what we miss.

I need to take a moment to clarify the size of our camper...

For some bizarre reason, I had it in my head that our camper was 300 square feet. To put this in context, our first apartment was about 600 sf. Then our second apartment was around 1000 sf. And the house we just moved out of was approximately 1800 sf. In my mind, moving into a 300 sf camper seemed fairly tiny, but doable. 

Well on Saturday morning, Daniel decided to actually MEASURE the camper. He came to the conclusion that we have 170 sf of space and some of that is actually storage space. For more context: our bedroom in our 1800 sf house was 130 sf. 170 square feet is {less than} one-tenth of the size of the house we just moved out of.

Living in this tiny camper is really not that bad. Almost all of our possessions {like 9/10 of them} are in storage. However, when we visit somewhere and remember what it was like to take a real shower or what it was like to cook in a real kitchen, or to have a garage, well, that is when we might miss having a house. Just a bit. But simplicity of life {for now} is nice too.


  1. I would miss a bathtub. I have to have my long soaks in the tub! Sounds like the cooking is going well though. I still can't believe how small it actually is there plus Sophie - you guys are amazing! Hope you figure out what you're next plans are soon!

  2. a bath tub would be amazing. at least I can go soak at the pool :)


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