Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poor Sophie

Sophie has been having a rough time lately. 

First of all, she is living in the same 170 square feet as we are. I'm sure that has been as much of an adjustment for her as it has been for us. Lucky for her, we have been pretty relaxed about letting her get on our bed {mostly because we feel bad that her space is limited}.

Second, she has to rely on us for her outdoor time. Since we don't have a fenced yard, we don't have the luxury of just letting her run off leash. Not to mention the fact that there are stray cats around that she thinks she should chase when she is off leash. This also means that if we get lazy or don't want to take a walk in the rain, she suffers. In turn, she might wake us up at all hours of the night whimpering. Which means I get to take a late night {or early morning} walk. Last night it was raining, so we skipped her evening walk. Four AM rolled around and she whimpered and gave an insistent bark. So I got out of bed and took her for a walk. She did her business and we went back to the camper. She proceeded to jump on the bed and immediately puked on me... not how I wanted to spend my early morning hours. After cleaning up I took her back outside and we walked some more to settle her stomach. She seems to be doing fine today, but I think Daniel and I need to make sure we don't skip any walks.

Third, Sophie has discovered seed ticks. I had no idea such a parasite existed, but I kept finding these tiny things on her so finally googled to find out what they were. The bad thing about these suckers is that they attach themselves in large quantities and in turn make Sophie miserable with their blood-sucking tactics. I have spent over an hour {on several occasions} pulling these little pests off of her. Unfortunately medicines like Frontline do not prevent them from attaching, they just make them die within 12 hours.

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