Monday, April 02, 2012

Menu Monday

Several years ago, I purchased a 3x4' chalkboard to hang in my kitchen. Thank you TJ Maxx HomeGoods Store. I always make a weekly meal plan, but having it displayed on the wall keeps me on track. Not to mention that it is an excellent conversation piece... mostly I get asked if I really cook what is on the menu/or is it just for show?

Monday: I had planned on Mediterranean Orzo Mac & Cheese, but Daniel's dad is coming for a quick, overnight visit and we are going to go out instead.

Tuesday: Texas Cheese Fries {recipe via Gina's Skinny Recipes}.

Wednesday: Vegetarian Cheese Tortellini Soup {recipe via Savor the Thyme}.

Thursday: Dijon Crusted Chicken with green beans and sweet potato straws {recipe via Clean Eating, Iron Mamas Style}.

Friday: Date Night

Saturday: We will be in Nashville to celebrate several birthday's in Daniel's family.

Sunday: Easter/still in Nashville.


  1. SKINNY Cheese Fries?!?! Sounds like heaven!

    1. Gina's site has lots of amazing (healthy) recipes. I never go wrong when I make one of her skinny dishes :)


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