Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Smoke House

On our way home from Nashville on Sunday, we decided to check out The Smoke House in Monteagle, Tennessee. We always see the signs and I believe Daniel's dad had even recommended it once.

On the way up the mountain, Daniel got in an argument with Siri that went something like this:
Daniel: I need directions to the Smoke House Restaurant in Monteagle.
Siri: I do not have information about Belaruse.
Daniel: The Smoke House Restaurant in MONT.EA.GLE. Tennessee.
Siri: There are 23 restaurants in Tennessee.
Daniel: The SMOKE.HOUSE. You sorry piece of crap!!!
Siri: I would blush if I could Daniel.
Daniel: You're not very smart.
Siri: I'm sorry you feel that way, Daniel.
Daniel: What's my name?
Siri: Daniel.
Cheree: What's my name? {for reference, it is my phone}
Siri: Daniel. ?!?!?
Daniel: Where were you made?
Siri: That is confidential.
Daniel: You are a useless technology.
Siri: I am sorry you feel that way.
Daniel: Who made you?
Siri: I was developed by Apple. In California.
Daniel: Were you manufactured by under aged children in deplorable working conditions?
Siri: I cannot answer that question.
They went on and on. The good news is that Siri kept us entertained and we were still able to find the Smoke House.

Thoughts on the restaurant... it was like a really big Cracker Barrel. But more rustic. 

The best part was that we were able to sit outside and it wasn't busy since it was a Sunday, early evening. On the Fridays and Saturdays they have live music and draw quite the crowd.

The food wasn't that good. We split a breakfast platter. The meats were really salty. The eggs were so so. The pancakes and biscuits were pretty good though.

Since we were splitting, I ordered a deep-fried pie with ice cream for dessert. We were hoping for the Chocolate pie, but they ended up being out :( I settled for the Apple Caramel. It was pretty good. But gave me a stomach ache {too much sugar??}.

I think Daniel and I need to stick with not going to touristy places. We do better finding local dives with really great food. In this case, I would have rather have just stopped at Cracker Barrel... maybe we would have felt differently if we went when there was music, but then we would have to deal with the crowds.

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