Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Festivities

If I were being truly honest, I would have to admit that for the last 10 years Daniel and I have basically hidden from all things Halloween related. 

It's not that we have anything against the holiday, we either didn't live in kid-friendly neighborhoods or when we did live in a good neighborhood {in Charlotte}, we would turn out the lights and hide in our basement so that we wouldn't have to hand out candy. 

I think the main reason for this was that we are cheap frugal and buying candy is expensive. Or perhaps it was because in Charlotte we were living in a partially-renovated house {an ongoing 5-year project} and it felt weird to open the door to our chaotic mess to perfect strangers.

Whatever the reasons were before, we now have a child; and while we could personally care less about getting dressed up for the holiday, we don't want to rob our child of this type of fun.

As an added benefit, we are learning that there is joy to be had in vicariously doing things through/with your child.

With that in mind, it is interesting to note that while in year's passed we haven't even carved pumpkins, this year we have visited not one, but two pumpkin patches. And as of this past weekend, we have been on three hayrides.

Friday night we attended a bonfire/hayride with our class from church. Then on Sunday we went to our very first Funfest and Trunk or Treat. Jack is actually a little young for these activities, but it was fun to walk around and see people from church and show off our little cow. As a bonus, his outfit can double for free chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-a on family day.

I know that in a couple of years he will really be enjoying these type of events. 

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