Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Northwest Georgia: Burt's Farm

This past weekend, we met up with my brother and my sister and her family in Ellijay, Georgia for a little bit of family fun. We rented a cabin {via VRBO.com} on Walnut Mountain and enjoyed visiting, great homemade breakfasts {thank you Mark} and making family memories with our kids.

Friday night after everyone arrived, Daniel and I snuck into town while Uncle Mark babysat Jack. We squeezed in a dinner date and hit up Walmart for some supplies. Dinner was at Mucho Kaliente – which was not that hot. It was ok, but we have certainly had better Mexican fare. Urbanspoon with it's 96% rating failed us this time. After our WM run, we went back to the cabin and stayed up late chatting with my brother while everyone else slept.

Saturday morning we all slept in – thank goodness because when we got home from Walmart, Mark informed us that Angela was set to get rolling by 8am!

We all got a slow start on Saturday. Then Mark whipped us up a breakfast of bacon, his excelent fluffy eggs and biscuits. Not too shabby for my little brother. We finally got everyone loaded into the cars and headed out to make some memories. First stop was Burt's Farm.

Izzy was beyond excited to see the pumpkins. We could barely hold her back.

Then she got excited about the hay.

And then she realized that she could get pushed around in a wheelbarrow... and that is where she stayed for the duration of our visit at the farm.

Jack experienced his first wagon ride.

He really liked it.

He liked stealing his cousin Levi's sippy cup even more.

After numerous photo ops, we were on our way. But not before I could show off my Chicken Dancing skills to Izzy.

I tried to persuade my sister that we should go up the road to Amicalola Falls. I looked it up on my phone and it said that the falls were within "walking distance" from the lodge. Angela wanted to know what "walking distance" was. Like, was it 20 feet or 3 miles? I did more research and it was further than she wanted to walk. Maybe next time?

After Burt's, we forged on to Hillcrest Orchards...

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