Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Tree Farm

As tired parents you sometimes confuse your words. Daniel and I had a good chuckle when he told me that he was really glad we had made the time to go to the "Pumpkin Tree Farm." 

I'm glad that he enjoyed it because he sure gave me some grief over it the day of our visit...

After our morning canoe excursion, we ran home to get Jack and his aunts for lunch and a jaunt out to the Crow Creek Pumpkin Patch that was just up the road from our house {so said me... or so I thought the sign said}.

We drove to Stevenson, right before crossing Crow Creek and read the sign more closely...  
Crow Creek Pumpkin Patch. Take Hwy 117 North for 12 miles.


So, on a very empty tank of gas we started towards the Pumpkin Patch. We were a little leery because around here 12 miles can be much farther than an actual 12 miles. As we took the exit ramp to head North on 117, there were several small signs with various things on them. Daniel took the opportunity to quote, "" and we all laughed and hoped that we weren't getting ourselves into trouble with this little escapade.

Thankfully the Pumpkin Patch was indeed 12 miles down Hwy 117N. Also, there were several signs along the way to let us know we were going the right way {I have been known to suggest we go places with no directions -- Daniel is not a fan of this type of spontaneity}. 

Once we arrived at the Crow Creek Pumpkin Patch, we were pleasantly surprised. It was less than 30 minutes from our house. Jack was free. It cost $8 per anyone over age 2 and included the following:
  • A hayride out to the patch to pick out a pumpkin
  • A pumpkin for each person
  • A small petting zoo -- there were chickens, bunnies, goats, a donkey and a pony
  • A kid's play area
  • A 5-acre corn maze

We were impressed. Jack would have been more impressed after a nap...

The donkey in the petting zoo nibbled on my arm. Jack wasn't too sure about such a big animal. The chickens on the other hand had him giggling every time they flapped their wings.

The hayride was perfect for Jack. We got to take the route of the haunted hay ride that will open in a few weeks. As we rode across the Loyd Brothers Farm, the farmer driving the tractor told us about the farm and how many acres and what types of crops they grow. It is a family-owned farm that is been in existence for over 100 years. The pumpkin patch was 5 small acres on a very large farm that mostly produces soy beans, cotton and corn.

It was a very idyllic setting, nestled in the Cumberland mountains. Jack was tired from missing his afternoon nap, but he hung in there. We didn't get very many smiles from him, but we did get some great pictures of our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch. In the coming years, I think he is really going to love this tradition. We skipped out on the corn maze since our boy was tired, but we had a great experience anyway.

It was nice to have Daniel's sisters, Amy and Emily, tag along with us. I'm glad they were able to share this tradition this year with our Jack-o-latern. 

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