Monday, October 01, 2012

Thatchers Barbecue and Grille

This post is a week overdue, but I really wanted to take a moment to blog about Thatchers Barbecue and Grille in Trenton, Georgia. We stopped here before we headed up to Cloudland Canyon and Urbanspoon did not disappoint us. 

With a rating of 94%, this little roadside restaurant could have easily been located in a bigger city. The store branding was great {as a graphic designer, that strikes a chord with me}.

Even better, the food was excellent and the prices were reasonable. The menu was large enough that we will definitely be dropping in again sometime to try out other eats on the menu.

Daniel had a chicken sandwich, while I tried a pork and chicken platter with pinto beans, sweet green beans and fried pickles that I shared with Jack. All of it was excellent.

If you make a trip to Trenton, Georgia to visit Cloudland Canyon or the Wilderness Outdoor Theater, MAKE SURE you stop by Thatchers. They are worth it!

Thatchers Barbeque and Grille on Urbanspoon


  1. The meat tastes good! Our family enjoys barbecue sessions on our wooden gazebo, complete with the grill and all the works. Solve!

  2. My last two visits to Thachers were bad. Worst service I have ever had. The meal was just average. I have been there 10 times. I won't be back

    1. We only ate there the one time and had a good experience. Sorry to hear you such bad experiences. Sometimes places are hit or miss.


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