Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Products We Regularly Used for Jack (9-12 Months)

This is a list of some of the products that we found useful for Jack during the 9-12 month stage. These items are in addition to things I have written about previously. See 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months for more info on products we have used over the past year.

1. Jack really loves his Lillabo wooden toy car set from IKEA. He has learned how to push cars around which quickly became a favorite pastime. His cousin, Izzy, also introduced him to smashing cars together which he thinks is great fun.

2. We picked up the Fisher Price Rock 'N Go Pony at a consignment sale and Jack seems to like it. He will stand next to it and rock it. Since turning 12 months, he now likes to sit on it and is more inclined to push it around.

3. I am a big fan of footie pajamas at this time of year. He hates to keep socks on, so I know he will stay warm in his footies.

4. The bulb syringe aspirator has been with us since the beginning, but with the onset of cold season, we have used this sucker more times than I can count. Jack hates it, but it does help to clear the mucus from his nose.

5. Likewise, in relationship to sickness, we are very fond of our Safety 1st Fever Light Ear Thermometer. I have learned that I can typically determine a fever by kissing Jack's forehead, but I like confirmation from the thermometer.

6. Instagram has been great for uploading photos of what Jack is up to "right now." I love being able to share day-to-day things with our loved ones.

7. Tommy Tippee Explora 9 Training Sippy Cups from Target -- Jack has never had a bottle and as he ate more, we introduced him to a training sippy cup. Thanks to Jack's Aunt Emily for picking out a good cup.

8. Chick-fil-a turned us on to disposable placemats, but instead of stealing extras any time we visited this fastfood establishment, we decided to order some online. The Neat Solutions disposable placemats have been a welcome addition to our eating out arsenal. This particular brand has adhesive on four sides so Jack can't really pull it off the table... at least not easily.

9. Gerber Puffs -- Jack basically eats what we eat. Since we have followed the baby led weaning approach, we have never purchased baby food, with the exception of Gerber Puffs. They feed the toddlers this as a snack at church and he really likes them. We have found that they are great for on-the-go, especially as a pre-meal snack when we are at a restaurant.

10. We still are huge fans of our cloth diapers, but for nighttime we ended up upgrading to the BumGenius One-Snap Closure 4.0. We love our other cloth diapers, but found that they leaked at night. The BumGenius diapers NEVER leak.

 That wraps up our year of products that we have found useful for Jack. He continues to love books and toys and I will post again later this year with a list of his favorite toys as a toddler. What are some of your favorite baby products at this age?

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