Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trimming the Tree 2012

Last night we set up our first tree for the season {tree #2 will involve a trip to the Christmas tree farm and will be decorated with homemade ornaments}.

Our tree is 10-years old, purchased from Big Lots for $10 when we were first married. Daniel calls it our Charlie Brown tree. I like it, even if it is fake.

We cover it with ornaments – memories we have collected from years gone by. Unfortunately we didn't get an ornament on our honeymoon... this may mean we need to take a trip back to Keystone, Colorado in the future.

We were given tons of ornaments at our wedding {since we were married just before Christmas}. Then our first official ornament we bought as a couple was from a trip to Hawaii in 2004. Since then we have picked up ornaments on every vacation that we could.

We have been blessed to have some amazing memories over the years and look forward to more in our future.

Besides our memory ornaments, another tradition we have is drinking my decadent hot chocolate, eating homemade cookies and watching a Christmas movie.

This year we shared the cookies with Jack, but waited until he was in bed to drink our hot chocolate and watch Home Alone. I forgot how funny this movie is. It also makes me feel old. Just a bit. I will never tire of watching it though {which is saying a lot because there aren't many movies that I will repeat -- Christmas movies being the exception}.

After Jack was in bed we spent a little time discussing traditions. Not just the fun ones, but ones we want to start incorporating that will teach Jack that there is more to the season than hot chocolate and ornaments and gifts. We want to teach the spirit of giving, of helping others and being thankful. Jack is still pretty little so we kind of get a "pass" this year, but we really want to model what the season is truly about.


  1. We do the same thing when we go on vacations...we get an ornament from wherever we go! Unfortunately, we didn't start this until a year or so after we were married, so we don't have one from our honeymoon either. We also exchange ornaments every year too, so we each get one new personal ornament a year. Layla even has several on the tree!

    As for new traditions and teaching your kid the true meaning of Christmas, I totally get it and I am right there with you on teaching them it's more than just about presents! We started a new tradition this year by doing an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Avery's too young also, but she did "help" me with the shopping!

    1. Operation Christmas Child is definitely on our radar.

      Daniel's work place also buys and delivers gifts and turkey to local families. I am hoping that as Jack gets a bit older, he can go with Daniel on some of the deliveries.

      I have also come across some great ideas on Pinterest that Daniel and I are discussing -- will probably blog about them soon.

      Daniel and I never give each other gifts, but we are thinking about doing just 3 for Jack (something you want, something you need and something to read).

  2. I recognize that ornament Daniel made in woodturning class!

    1. He is very proud of that ornament :)


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