Monday, November 12, 2012

Jack is Twelve Months

A whole year as parents! Jack is alive and well and thriving. Perhaps this is a bigger milestone for Daniel and I than it is for Jack in that respect.

It took us 9 years to get the courage to expand our family and now we cannot imagine life with out our little Jack Grayson.

 This last month, we kept busy. We had our first visit to a pumpkin patch...

our first hayride as a family...

and we celebrated his first Halloween.

It was fun but also exhausting. We may have pushed Jack to his limits -- there were MANY missed naps which made Jack less likely to share his happy smiles and giggles with the camera. He was a trooper and let us drag him around to make memories.


Another first is that Jack now climbs the big stairs. He can go both up and down {we always supervise, but he is extremely capable}. If we are downstairs and I look away for a second, he makes a beeline for the stairs. It may be time to invest in a second baby gate!

He is extremely cautious and thinks through every step. He cruises around the house with ease. He can stand on his own, but has not made an effort to take steps. If you try to help him "walk" he turns into a noodle and will just sit down. He will do it on his own time table and that is fine by us.

This month Jack got a 4th tooth and we think he may have more coming in, if the amount of drool is any kind of indication.

Jack is very interested in following Sophie around the house. She humors him and he giggles uncontrollably as he crawls after her, trying to catch her tail in his hand.  

When Jack does giggle, it is so funny. He can really get to laughing, sometimes over nothing.

He has a fondness for pushing anything that rolls. Little wooden cars seem to be a favorite.

He is definitely his father's son. He adores anything that moves. Doors and hinges and gadgets that spin and wheels that roll. It is all fascinating to him. I can see a future of him taking things apart... like a certain someone else did {Daniel} when he was a little boy.

Twelve months is also a significant number in that I have been able to nurse Jack for an entire year. I am thankful for the ability to provide sustenance for my child. We have been working on the weaning process and will be introducing cow's milk for the first time this week.

Jack shows very little interest in the TV -- we rarely have it on, so that is fine by us. He likes to play with my iPhone and talk to Grammy and Grandpa on Skype, but he would much rather be playing with his toys or reading a book.

Jack has blessed in ways we could never have imagined. We are looking forward to our continuing journey on this road that is parenthood. 

A few end of month stats
Eating: A typical day of eating is something like this... 
Breakfast: An entire banana and 1 whole wheat Eggo waffle
Lunch: A fruit -- currently peaches are a fave, a slice of whole wheat bread with jam and puffs.
Dinner: A sampling of whatever mama and daddy are eating.
Jack will eat just about anything but he really seems to love peas, zucchini, bananas and pasta. He definitely dislikes rice and broccoli -- I think it is a texture issue.
Talking: Jack continues to make a variety of sounds but no definitive words this month.
Nicknames: Over the course of the year, we have called Jack the following nicknames: Baby Cakes, Jack Jack, Jack Attack, Little Man and Buddy. Jack Jack and Buddy are the ones that seem to stick the most. 
Hair: Jack's hair has really grown these last several months. We will need to get his first haircut soon. He has little curls in the back and it is turning into a sweet baby mullet.
Waving: Jack has been waving "good bye" or "bye bye" for several months now. He also waves "goodnight" when we are putting him down for a nap or for bed. Once he was up for a late night feeding and he waved to Daniel when he realized he was in the room -- even though he was half asleep, he still had to wave goodnight to his daddy. 

*I have been writing monthly updates of Jack with pictures of Jack and the Tonka truck on the 11th of each month. One Month Old. Two Months Old. Three Months Old. Four Months Old. Five Months Old. Six Months Old. Seven Months Old. Eight Months Old. Nine Months Old. Ten Months Old. Eleven Months Old. This will conclude my regular monthly updates.

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