Friday, March 01, 2013

Girl's Night

Last night I had a much needed girl's night out. Next to date nights, this is a coveted night. Also like date nights, it happens about as often as a blue moon {probably less often, if I'm being honest}. Now that Jack is weaned, it is freeing to know that I can be away from him for more than a 3-hour stretch. Unlike date night, I don't have to figure out the whole babysitter thing – I can just rely on Daniel. I should probably return the favor and let him have some time to himself as well :)

On the whole, I'm pretty sure that I had the better end of the deal. Jack wasn't into eating his dinner and had a difficult time going to sleep. However, Daniel and Jack survived an evening without me for the first time ever, so really, it's a good thing.

Girl's night involved PF Changs {a plus since Daniel is not a fan of any kind of Asian food}; 3-hours of visiting {we talked about Downton Abbey and mom stuff and job stuff and life in general}; plus a run into Starbucks to grab a Vanilla Latte for the road when we parted ways {for my hour drive home}. I'm thankful that I was able to spend some time with a great group of girls.

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