Monday, March 04, 2013


In an ideal world, Daniel and I would like to go hiking once a week. In reality, once a month is more our speed these days. It's hard to believe that its been over two years since we were able to do an overnight backpacking trip. And we didn't hike at all in February. I guess that winter hikes {especially with a toddler} are not meant to be.

Last Sunday we had good intentions to check out the trails at Blevins Gap – part of the Land Trust of North Alabama. It was a perfect day for a hike. Before our intended tramp, we had post-church brunch plans with some friends. We brought our pack-n-play in hopes that Jack would eat and take a nap while we visited and then we could squeeze in our hike on the way home. If you have a baby {or toddler... or kids in general} you know that your best laid plans often fail you. Jack barely napped. I think he was too excited to visit with our friends. By the time we left brunch he was utterly exhausted. He crashed as soon as we placed him in his carseat.

The hiker in me really wanted to hit the trail anyway – Jack probably would have slept in the backpack carrier. It was 60ºF and sunny – the perfect weather for a hike. The mommy in me felt like we needed to let him sleep. I know that this will get easier in the coming years, but sometimes making good parental decisions is harder than others. Yesterday, we didn't even consider hiking – it was 40ºF and felt even colder with the wind.

It's March now. House projects are wrapping up and the weather will be getting nicer. Jack's nap time may not always align with our hiking plans, but we will get out and hike again. There are so many places to explore that are within an hour drive of us and I can't wait! For now I will continue peruse local magazines like Get Out Chattanooga and dream of hikes to come.

A few places on my radar that we haven't hiked before: Springers Ridge, Lula Lake Land Trust, Blevins Gap Nature Preserve, Wade Mountain Nature Preserve, and the trails at Cathedral Caverns.

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