Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Hike: Devil's Racetrack

The weather has been so beautiful lately that we have really been anxious to get some hiking in. Our biggest dilemma is Jack's naptime. Today we decided to bite the bullet and head to Huntsville right after breakfast. We made a quick stop at a consignment sale before heading up to Wades Mountain Nature Preserve to hike the Devil's Racetrack trail.

We were promised views of Huntsville and Tennessee. The trail was 1.6 miles (one way) and we figured we would be finished in time for a late lunch. We were hopeful that Jack would sleep on the way home.

The trail is easy. It meanders through the woods, with a small amount of elevation gain. We were dubious about reaching a view point since we weren't really on top of the mountain. However, at the end, the trail did connect with the transmission lines and we were rewarded with a view. I wouldn't call it a view of Huntsville, not the city any ways, but it was a view.

We only saw a handful of people on the trail – which was a bit surprising since it was a gorgeous Saturday.

At the 1-mile mark Jack started fussing. Soon he was full-out crying. We weren't sure if we should turn back, stop and let him walk or let him cry it out. 

We let him cry it out and before our turnaround point, he was asleep.

I tried to walk as smoothly as possible as we made our way back to the trail head. It was nice to get a hike in, but I did feel a little guilty about Jack missing his real nap. He slept most of the way back to the car.

This hike is a walk in the woods with a view at the top (though don't expect a mountain). It was easy enough that we think it could be a good place to take a picnic to for eating at the view point. The 3.2 miles (round trip) took us about 2 hours, but that included time in the parking lot to get Jack and Sophie trail ready (i.e. Jack in the backpack and Sophie in her harness and on leash).

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate the Devil's Racetrack a 3. I am curious about the name... the rock formations didn't seem special and it certainly wasn't a difficult trail.

If you are interested in checking out this Nature Preserve, it is located north of Huntsville and has 8.5 miles of trails. It is open to hikers, runners, dogs and horses. The trails we were on were not suitable for horses, but just be warned that you might run into horses on some of the other trails.

This is the kind of trail Daniel would LOVE to live close to so that he could go trail running whenever he wanted.

Post hike we stopped at Chick-fil-a in Huntsville to grab lunch. It was an absolute zoo. It took over 20 minutes (after the order was placed) to get our food. I think Daniel stood in line for at least 15 minutes. We love CFA, but will plan on avoiding it anytime there is a rush like today.

I'm pretty sure that everyone in the backseat was more than ready to get home!

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