Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Jack in the Garage

Jack is definitely his father's son. He LOVES the garage. We have been spending more of our time outside (he loves the outdoors too), but if the garage is accessible, watch out! He will be in the garage in a heartbeat.

He loves to explore and look at all of the (many) tools and touch as many things as we will let him. Daniel encourages this, even letting him turn the handle on the vice that is attached to the work table.

He really enjoys it if we set him on Daniel's little mechanic stool and spin him in circles. If we don't sit him on the stool, he will stand beside it and spin the seat himself. He also likes to look under the stool – so inquisitive.

Daniel has been spending a lot of time in the garage lately. He is in the process of upgrading(?) the sound system in his car. This involved taking apart every door panel, removing the back seats and disassembling the dashboard. Recently Jack has been hanging out in the car with Daniel, observing as he puts everything back together. 

The other day Daniel was putting a door panel back on the inside of the driver's side door and he used the palm of his hand to bang it into place. After a minute Jack proceeded to bang on the car with his hand. He is very observant and funny! We had a good laugh at his desire to do what his daddy does.

As for the outdoors... our house sits on 3 acres and Jack has explored almost every inch of our property that is not wooded. This past weekend we introduced him to dandelions. He thought it was great fun to watch us blow the seeds into the wind. He now marches around the yard and picks the heads off of any dandelion that he finds and giggles. His Great Grandpa Lock would be proud!

We are really enjoying these warmer days. I think Jack would spend every waking moment outside (or in the garage) if we let him!

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