Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Retreat

It has been several years since Daniel and I had the opportunity to attend a retreat. I think our time in Cookeville, TN (8 years ago?!?) may have been the last time we got to have some time to reflect and grow in a retreat-type of setting.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to go and spend some time getting closer to our class from church by studying God's word together and sharing a time of fellowship.

{this was the picture texted to us at breakfast on Saturday morning}

This was the first time Daniel and I have left Jack for more than a few hours. Jack was able to spend some quality time with his Nana, Aunts and Great Grandmother while Daniel and I did our quick overnight trip down to the Hargis YMCA camp in Birmingham, AL. 

The general focus of the retreat was building community with a specific look at how prayer, our calling and the need to encourage one another play into the community that we are a part of. Daniel and I felt blessed by this time with this group of friends and we look forward to continuing to grow closer as we get to know each of them better.

When we arrived home yesterday, we grilled out and spent a little time with Daniel's family celebrating his Grandmother and sister's birthdays. Jack had a blast and I think we can consider a longer getaway for me and Daniel in the near future!

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