Monday, April 15, 2013

While We Were Away...

While we were away, Jack was having a great time with his Nana (Daniel's mom), his Aunt and his Great Grandmother. We had a couple of texts back and forth, but it was nice to know that he was in good hands and that we didn't have to check in. We could just enjoy our retreat.

The funniest text correspondence was between me and Daniel's sister, Amy:
We laid Jack down about 15 minutes ago. No crying. He just laid his little head down and hugged pooh. Sweet boy.

My response:
Great. We thought it would be pretty easy :) Hoping "pooh" was a stuffed animal.

Saturday morning we received a cute photo of Jack at breakfast time from his Nana.

I know that Jack enjoyed all of the extra attention and it was great to be able to go spend some time on our own. Jack even convinced his Aunt Amy to practice high fives with him – he's getting pretty good at it. 

Saturday evening Jack was happy to get to eat cake as we celebrated Grandmother and Amy's birthdays. Our boy loves cake – he has spent the last couple of days polishing off what was left of the Buckwheat Bundt Cake that Amy made!

A few more antics from Jack...

 Playing peek-a-boo.

He recently started plugging his ears. 
I think he has discovered that it dampens sound when he does it. 
He thinks it is hilarious.

 Playing in the fridge.

We certainly missed Jack, but it was nice to get away. 

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