Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mr. McGregor's Spring Farm Days

One of the best things about having a kid is that we get out of our comfort zone and try activities that we had never considered before.

This morning we got up and drove to Huntsville for Mr. McGregor's Spring Farm Days at Burritt on the Mountain in Huntsville. 

This was our first visit to this historic park, complete with restored historic 19th century houses, barnyard animals, numerous playgrounds for little people and an excellent view of the city of Huntsville and the mountains of North Alabama.

The park is set up so that you can walk through historic homes but also offers a twist of fun for children by incorporating games from favorite nursery rhymes in the form of the Whimsical Woods. 

Jack really enjoyed seeing all of the animals. I'm pretty sure his favorite thing was visiting the sheep. He has now added the sound "baa" to his repertoire of words/sounds. It is so sweet to hear him say this because he would whisper it to the sheep!

We saw ponies, a cow, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens.

We also watched a farmer shear a rather large sheep. It had quite a coat of wool to keep it warm this past winter!

Jack had fun playing on at least three different playgrounds throughout the park. 

I think his favorite playground activity was when Daniel helped him climb up a climbing wall.

And the slide is always a big hit!

Jack also seemed to enjoy the more educational parts. He was mesmerized by the fire in the blacksmith shop and appeared interested in the demonstration of how they cooked in the 19th century.

We all enjoyed our visit to Burritt on the Mountain – though we skipped out the touring the eclectic mansion. Perhaps we will see it on our next visit.

I don't know that our family would benefit from a yearly pass to the park, but we had a great time (and wore ourselves out) visiting on one of the special Mr. McGregor's Farm Days today!

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