Sunday, December 15, 2013

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Our House

Today was the last day in our house as a family... 

which is feeling more bitter than sweet right now.

Daniel took Jack out for a last ride on the four wheeler on this property. 

We have no idea when we will get to this kind of thing again. Based on the property's we have looked at, it's unlikely there will be ATV rides from our back door...

After a very cold ride, they took a hike into our woods.

When we bought this house, the 3 acres with woods was a big selling point. 

We didn't have kids yet, but we knew that once we grew our family, the woods would be an integral part of their youth. 

We have looked forward to Jack getting to build a tree house in those woods and now those dreams are going to stay dreams (at least at this home).

We really do love our house and are sad that this is period of our lives in coming to a close.

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