Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Very, un-Merry (so far) Christmas

It is Friday the 13th, just 12 days away from Christmas, and I am a bit appalled that we have done almost nothing related to Christmas. We aren't really gift givers, so shopping isn't what I'm talking about. Just traditions in general. 

No Christmas tree (fake or real). 
No trip to the Christmas tree farm.
No special ornaments unwrapped from years of travels together. 
No special hot chocolate to sip while we hang our ornaments.
No homemade gingerbread cookies ornaments to made to hang on a fresh tree. 
No favorite holiday movies (though we did watch Home Alone at Thanksgiving with my family).
No Christmas picture to go in the yearly Christmas card I designed – which will sadly probably have to wait to be sent out as a Happy New Years card.

I guess that is what happens when your life is in upheaval.

Jack and I did spend an afternoon baking Reeses Chocolate Chip Cookies. And it was special.

Jack has also had the opportunity to see his cousin's tree (at Thanksgiving) and the tree in the hotel lobby where we stay. This week he was set on opening one of the gifts under the hotel tree. 

Every morning at breakfast I had to explain that the present wasn't real. It's hard when you don't have a tree at home for your child to relate to.

It's been a strange year, but we are in the home stretch and should, Lord-willing, be settled in a new home some time in February.

I keep reminding myself that we will have future Christmas's to spend together as a family and it will be even better because Jack will know what is going on.

For now, we march forward toward moving out of our house. The movers will be here Wednesday! Then Jack and I will spend the rest of the year at my sister's house where we can enjoy Christmas to its fullest without having to do any of the hard work.

Just keeping it real... We are so blessed to be able to move out of a house that we sold and to move forward with our lives after 6 long months of being in limbo.

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