Monday, December 30, 2013

We Closed

Our last night together in our house.

We officially moved out of our house the weekend before Christmas but we didn't close on selling the house until Saturday. And today we received the official confirmation from the relo company that our part of selling the house is done. Yahoo! Here are a few pictures of our last day at the house as a family.

 Jack's choice for his last breakfast at the house was peanut butter from the jar. 

Jack had fun with his birthday train while the house was packed up.

 Jack is practicing with the tape measure while his Daddy 
works on adding a rail to the stairs on the front of our house.

 Watching his Daddy work on the steps.

 Daniel working on adding the necessary stair rail so that we can close on the house on time.

Our last time riding our four wheeler on our property.

Packed up. Everything will be in storage through February 20. 

Hopefully we will find a house by then!

Our last family photo at our Hollywood house. 
Sad to say goodbye, but looking forward to our next phase of life 
in whatever home we end up buying.

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  1. Congratulations! Closing this kind of a deal is tough. Glad you got the right buyers, which can indeed be achieved with the right information.

    Blair @ Creb Now


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