Friday, January 31, 2014

In the Details

We are one step closer to closing on our new house. Yesterday was our inspection and today the seller approved our requests for things to be done before closing.

Several people have requested to see more pictures since my initial post only had exterior shots. Since we do not own the house yet and I want to respect the seller's privacy, I am only including thumbnails of some of the details in the house.

This house has had some really great updates on the main floors. As I previously mentioned, we love the kitchen and many of the details and thought that was put into the updates. We also love the feeling of living in the woods, even though we are in town.

There are some things that need to be changed. Two of the three bedrooms upstairs are obviously for little girls. Since there are no little girls in our family, painting those rooms will be among the first projects we tackle. The master bathroom is partially redone and the entire basement needs work. Did I mention that there is a bathroom straight of the 1970s in the basement? Also, the garage needs Daniel's touch. I know he will be busy in the coming months getting things set up like he wants them. We are excited about tackling these projects down the road when we have time.

Probably the biggest charm of this property (for us anyways) is the terrain the house is built on. Also, as seen by the image in the bottom right corner of the grouping above, we seem to like really tall houses.

I will post more pics whenever we start making major changes to the house (a long time from now though!).


  1. Upon reading your earlier post, wasn't there like a contest between you and your husband on who'll spot "the unicorn" first? He has these spreadsheets, and you relied on your guts, and you "won". I suppose the two of you did things together, which means no one really "wins", well, the entire family won! I hope you'd enjoy your new home!
    Blair Berdusco @

    1. The spreadsheets still factored in :) Thankfully this was the right fit for both of us!


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