Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day Out with Thomas

A month or so ago some friends of ours from Huntsville invited us to attend the Chattanooga Day Out with Thomas at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

Like most toddlers, Jack loves Thomas the Train, so this event seemed like a no brainer. 

Unfortunately Jack came down with a fever on Wednesday. Our tickets were already purchased (and non refundable) so we hoped he would get over his fever quickly. Thankfully whatever was ailing him only lasted 24 hours, so this morning we felt ok with taking him out in public.

It was raining when we left the house, but that proved to be a good thing. With rain jackets, the rain didn't bother us and it kept the hot sun and humidity at bay.

Jack had a blast playing putt putt golf while we waited for our train ride. We will have to practice at this since his golf stance is more like a baseball stance. 

There was a rather small petting zoo with goats that were anxious to escape.

We met Sir Topham Hat (well, we had a photo with him) and we wandered through some of the museum train cars. Jack could have spent the whole day playing at the train tables.

The train ride itself was definitely the highlight of our day. 

Jack loved getting to see Thomas and getting on the real train. 

I think it would be fun to take a longer train ride in the fall to see the leaves change in the Smokies.

It was nice to get together with our Huntsville friends – it's hard to believe that we moved away almost 6 months ago. 

After seeing Thomas, we decided to grab lunch at Lupi's Pizza Pies in Hixson. As usual, their pizza did not disappoint.

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