Thursday, May 01, 2014

Chat with Jack ⎮ April, 2014

Jack continues to grow and change with each passing month. He is learning so much and developing quite the imagination.

Right now he is really into pretending there are monsters and robots. Sometimes he is a robot (even talking in a robot voice – not sure where that came from). Other times he pretends to be Batman and dives across the couch or his bed, laughing the entire time.

Other forms of imagination come in pretending that he is at a race track and waving his toy hoe as a flag to start the race, shouting, "Ready. Set. Go!"

The little blue hoe is also used as a fishing pole and a baseball bat. For Easter, his Nana bought him a bat, ball and T-ball stand. He loves it. We have been amazed by his coordination.

He loves following the path to the top of the rocks in our front yard, and will tell us, "Don't worry" as he goes higher and higher.

At night, he insists that his door be left open and the hall light left on. Our only caveat is that he "stay in bed until the sun comes up." 

Every night as we go through our bedtime routine (this also happens at naptime), he will say, "Door open" and "Light on." Even if he is half asleep, he will repeat this phrase to make sure we know this is important to him. Thankfully he rarely comes downstairs before 7am.

Last week he wanted to know where the moon goes during the day. We explained that it was on the other side of the Earth. We briefly touched on the fact that the earth and moon were spinning around each other. Last night at bedtime, he asked if the sun was on the other side of the earth... was it spinning around the earth as well? I was kind of shocked that he naturally made that connection.

Every day he asked to go to the park multiple times. I love that we have a park right across the street, but I don't love going 4x a day. 

Sometimes on the weekend, we do take turns taking him to the park and he loves the extra time he gets to dig in the sand.

We recently took him to a friend's baseball game. He had a blast watching the older kids play and wanted to know when he could have a turn hitting the ball.

We continue to be blessed and amazed by our little boy.

Jack is such a joy in our lives.

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