Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Kickoff: Tennessee River Park

After our attempt at backpacking, we decided to do an activity we knew Jack would love: biking. 

We recently purchased a bicycle trailer (off of Craigslist) because Jack has almost outgrown the seat we had attached to Daniel's bike. 


Also, he gets tired of wearing his helmet and kind of maxes out at 8 miles when we ride. 

We are hoping the bike trailer will mean we can take longer bike rides. In addition, the trailer has suspension and we can put snacks and toys in it to keep Jack occupied. 

Plus it is probably more comfortable if Jack happens to fall asleep on our ride.

Daniel and Jack took a practice ride at home the day before and Jack only cried when they came home.

Saturday was the perfect day for a ride. Sunny, but nice and cool. For this ride we headed to the Tennessee River Park, but instead of starting in downtown Chattanooga we started at the Chickamauga Dam. 

Jack began the ride in the trailer. We took a brief water break by the marsh a couple of miles into our ride and he decided he wanted to sit in the chair for a little while...  I guess he likes being higher and being able to see a little better.

After another couple of miles we took another break and Jack swapped back to the trailer. At this point, we decided we were hungry and that we could probably make it to Five Guys for burgers without too much extra effort.

This involved a few city blocks of street riding, but Chattanooga drivers are used to bikers in the street so it wasn't a big deal.

Going into the downtown section of the greenway involves ramps that access several bridge crossings. These ramps make sharp turns, zigzagging up to the bridges. I wasn't sure how well Daniel would be able to make those turns with his bike and the additional length of having a trailer behind him. He made the turns without having to stop or put his feet down! I was very impressed.

Daniel was impressed that the Tennessee River Park had a bicycle repair station, complete with air and various tools for fixing tires.

Day 2 of our summer kickoff weekend was a success. Spending time together doing outdoor activities we love is our fave.

We rode from the Chickamauga Dam to the Bluff View Art District, then to Ross Landing before heading up Chestnut Street to Five Guys for lunch, then back the same way we came.

Our route – We completed 12.35 miles on this particular ride.

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