Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Since we were with family this past weekend celebrating graduations, we decided it would be nice to do a girl's outing. Being that it was right after mother's day it seemed like a good excuse to get pedicures. We took Izzy with us – it was her first time and she did great!

Since there were four of us and the nail place wasn't very busy, we got to soak our feet for longer than usual and I thoroughly enjoyed a 60-minute chair massage. Totally worth $25!

Izzy had a special chair (no massage) but there were funky lights that lit up the water and she thought that was pretty cool.

It was nice to just sit and be with my mom, sister and niece for a little while – with no little boy distractions!

Meanwhile, my dad stayed behind to babysit the two little napping boys. After we left the house, my dad called to ask if Izzy was with us... She has officially been upgraded from kid to one of the girls.

Levi and Jack have fun getting into everything.  

They are getting better at playing together. It is sweet (and sometimes funny) to listen to their little discussions. 

I have a feeling they will be causing plenty of mischief in the years to come.

As always, we enjoyed some excellent meals while visiting my sister. Her husband is quite the chef and always makes us the best food.

Someone had a little too much fun this weekend!

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