Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chats with Jack ⎮ January-March, 2015

These are some of the memorable things Jack has said recently...

Jack really likes to talk on the phone. One of his favorite games is to pretend to call us on our rotary phone (it hangs on the wall, but is not hooked up). Since he is so interested in phones, we taught him how to call Daniel on my cell phone. We wanted him to be able to call someone in case something happened to me and it has been really useful for the days when Daniel is working long hours and Jack misses him. He can call Daniel and tell him about his day without my help. It's been a great tool for him and is especially good on the days he is feeling sad about not seeing his daddy.

Any time Jack gets in trouble, he asks, "Are you sad, mommy?" I always reassure him that I love him, but that his behavior made me sad. He also asks, "Are you happy, mommy?"

Do you want to watch my dance? (followed by a silly dance)
Do you want to hear my noise? (followed by obnoxious noise)

Jack: Why did I have to stop playing with Westin and leave church?
Daniel: So you and Westin could go to your homes and go to sleep so you can feel good tomorrow.
Jack: Are there beds at church?
Daniel: No.
Jack: Why aren't there beds at church? 

"Next time I'll stump you for sure." (Quote from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That). Jack then proceeds to stomp around and laugh hysterically while saying this. I've been trying to explain to him what "to stump someone" means.

I just like to be silly. 
It's just pretend.

Says "Aw, man!" when he is frustrated.

Knows the phrase "Righty tighty and lefty loosey" and uses it appropriately when unscrewing/screwing something together. On the note of fixing things, Jack insisted that Daniel fix the swing at the playground that was broken. He was very proud of the fact that they fixed it together.

Jack: Do people like shots?
Me: Do you like shots?
Jack: No. I like nice things.
Me: I think people like nice things too.

One night we had a very in depth discussion about radar detectors on the way to church. Boiled down, the radar detector reminds grown ups to obey the rules so they don't get in trouble.

Mommies always know the rules. (Informing Daniel)

Jack: Mommy, did you touch the potty?
Me: Yes.
Jack: You need to wash your hands.

Sophie always has really bad stinky farts.

 I'm getting the chopper (axe) so I can chop wood.

Recent questions about the baby: Does the baby have feet? Does the baby walk? Does the baby like to sing songs? Is it Easter yet? (we told him the baby will come after Easter)

Why are the trees wiggling? (Regarding the trees blowing in the wind)

Conversations with a three-year-old can be so fun. Trying to explain the world in ways he understands can be trying at times, but the process if fascinating.


  1. Absolutely adorable! As the mother of two active, awesome and rambunctious boys I always enjoy the posts on your chats with Jack. He is precious.
    (Maria from Texas)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Maria. I love this stage and all of the interesting things a 3-year-old says and thinks of!


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