Wednesday, April 06, 2016

No More Monkeys

When we moved into our current house, a little over two years ago, we decided to paint Jack's room immediately because it was purple... with a large monkey on one wall. 

Since his existing furniture was white and gray, we agreed that light blue-gray walls were a good place to start. 

I originally had a vision of painting large horizontal stripes on one wall, so at the time we left one wall as plain white.

Two years later we finally got around to putting the stripes on the white wall.

The room has evolved somewhat since we moved in. 

Jack's crib/toddler bed was long ago removed from the room (Isaac sleeps in it now). I think Jack slept in the toddler bed for one nap time. We are currently on the hunt for a bed so that Jack's mattresses are no longer on the floor.

It was a good solution when he was learning to sleep in a big boy bed, but now I would like a really bed with a head board. 

I have a vision of what I want and I have a feeling we will just build something when we have more time.

I found a dark blue, reversible comforter at Target that I liked, as well as construction themed bedding.

All of Jack's wall art was originally transportation themed (bikes, airplanes, etc.), but I am trying to be flexible and let Jack have some say in what his room looks like (though when he asked to have a green room, I said no for now because I didn't want to repaint what I had already started).

I found white and blue striped, blackout curtains and almost ended up ditching the striped wall because I thought the stripes might conflict. 

But I'm glad I stuck with my original plan. We are really happy with how it turned out.

There is a bedside table at Target that I have been eyeing. It is blue and has a locker-style drawer. Daniel doesn't want to commit to a side table until there is a bed so we will have the right scale with the height of the bed and table.

We are a lot closer to finishing up this room and I love how it is coming together. It's a long way from the purple walls with the monkey.

When the rooms is completely finished I will share a more finalized tour... 

Now to tackle Isaac's nursery!

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